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Nonton Freaks (1932) Wallace Ford,Leila Hyams,Olga Baclanova,Roscoe Ates. Freaks (1932) . Tod Browning. Monstros,Fenomenos,Freaks,Izrodi,Zrudy,Freaks - Missgestaltete,Freaks,Freaks,La Parada De Los Monstruos,Freaks - Kummajaiset,Sirkusseurue,Sirkussallskapet,Barnum,Freaks - La Monstrueuse Parade,La Parade Des Monstres,Monstres,Ta Terata,Ta Terata,Szornyszulottek,Fenome

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7.9/10 Votes 38,550
Freaks (1932)

7.9 38,550

Rating: 7.9/10 38,550 Votes

Genre: Drama, Horror

Actors: Wallace Ford, Leila Hyams, Olga Baclanova, Roscoe Ates

Directors: Tod Browning

Production: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Durasi:64 min

Quality:  HD720

Tahun Rilis: 12 Feb 1932

Countries: United States Of America

Nonton dan download Freaks (1932) - INDOXXI, Layarkaca LK21 HD BluRay Ganool gratis. Genre: Drama,Horror | Negara: United States Of America | Aktris: Wallace Ford,Leila Hyams,Olga Baclanova,Roscoe Ates | Sutradara: Tod Browning | Durasi: 64 min/Menit.

Phroso: Wallace Ford

Venus: Leila Hyams

Cleopatra: Olga Baclanova

Roscoe: Roscoe Ates

Hercules: Henry Victor

Hans: Harry Earles

Frieda: Daisy Earles

Schlitzie The Pinhead: Schlitzie

Angelino: Angelo Rossitto

The Dwarf With The Knife: Jerry Austin

Siamese Twin: Daisy Hilton

Madame Tetrallini: Rose Dione

Siamese Twin: Violet Hilton

The Legless Man: Johnny Eck

The Armless Woman: Frances O'Connor

The Half-Man Half-Woman: Josephine Joseph

The Bearded Lady: Olga Roderick

The Human Skeleton: Peter Robinson

Randian: Prince Randian

The Human Torso: Koo Koo

Koo Koo The Bird Girl: Elvira Snow

Microcephalic Twin: Jenny Lee Snow

Microcephalic Twin: Martha Morris

Director: Tod Browning

Producer: Irving Thalberg

Producer: Tod Browning

Director of Photography: Merritt B. Gerstad

Editor: Basil Wrangell

Story Consultant: Clarence Aaron 'Tod' Robbins

Additional Dialogue: Charles MacArthur

Additional Dialogue: Al Boasberg

Additional Dialogue: Edgar Allan Woolf

Screenplay: Willis Goldbeck

Screenplay: Leon Gordon

Producer: Dwain Esper

Producer: Harry Rapf

Producer: Hildegarde Stadie

Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons

Art Direction: Merrill Pye

Production Manager: Harry Sharrock

Second Assistant Director: William Ryan

First Assistant Director: Errol Taggart

Sound Recordist: G.A. Burns

Recording Supervision: Douglas Shearer

Assistant Camera: David S. Horsley

Additional Photography: Oliver T. Marsh

Additional Photography: Paul Vogel

Script Supervisor: Will Sheldon