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Director By Travis KnightOne Word Title, Teenage Girl, Interspecies Friendship, Insect In Title, Year 1987, Every adventure has a beginning. penulis :

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Bumblebee (2018)


iMDb: 6.9

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Pemeran Utama: Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., John Cena, Jason Drucker, Pamela Adlon, Stephen Schneider, Ricardo Hoyos, John Ortiz, Glynn Turman, Len Cariou, Kollin Holtz, Gracie Dzienny, Fred Dryer, Isabelle Ellingson, Mika Kubo, Felicia Stiles, George Anagnostou, Brandon Wardle, Lenny Jacobson, Megyn Price, Krystin Goodwin, Nick Pilla, Sachin Bhatt, Tim Martin Gleason, David Waters, Antonio D. Charity, Courtney Coker, Edwin Hodge, Jake Huang, Holland Diaz


Production:Ron Ames, Michael Bay, Chris Brigham, Edward Cheng, Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Brian Goldner, Jonathan Hook, Mark Moran, Don Murphy, Steven Spielberg, Mark Vahradian

Editors: Paul Rubell

Durasi: 114 min

Quality:  1080p

Tahun Rilis: 20 Dec 2018

Director:Travis Knight

Negara: China, United States

Musicians: Dario Marianelli

Cinematographers: Enrique Chediak

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