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Nonton The Lion King (1994) Matthew Broderick,Jonathan Taylor Thomas,James Earl Jones,Jeremy Irons. The Lion King (1994) . Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff. The Lion King 1,Lovikuningas,Kralj Lavova,Korol.Lev,Il Re Leone - I,Liutas Karalius,li Xxn Khing 1,O Rei Leao 1,Le Roi Lion,El Rey Leon,Krol Lew,O Basilias Ton Liontarion,O Basilias Twn Liontariwn,O Basilias Ton Liontariwn,laion

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8.5/10 Votes 850,868
The Lion King (1994)

8.5 850,868

Durasi:89 min

Quality:  HD720

Tahun Rilis: 07 May 1994

Countries: United States Of America

Nonton dan download The Lion King (1994) - INDOXXI, Layarkaca LK21 HD BluRay Ganool gratis. Genre: Animation,Adventure,Drama,Family,Musical | Negara: United States Of America | Aktris: Matthew Broderick,Jonathan Taylor Thomas,James Earl Jones,Jeremy Irons | Sutradara: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff | Durasi: 89 min/Menit.

Simba (voice): Matthew Broderick

Young Simba (voice): Jonathan Taylor Thomas

King Mufasa (voice): James Earl Jones

Scar (voice): Jeremy Irons

Nala (voice): Moira Kelly

Young Nala (voice): Niketa Calame

Pumbaa (voice): Ernie Sabella

Timon (voice): Nathan Lane

Rafiki (voice): Robert Guillaume

Zazu The Hornbill (voice): Rowan Atkinson

Shenzi The Hyena (voice): Whoopi Goldberg

Banzai The Hyena (voice): Cheech Marin

ED The Hyena (voice): Jim Cummings

Sarabi: Madge Sinclair

Simba's Mother (voice): Joseph Williams

Adult Simba (singing Voice): Jason Weaver

Young Simba (singing Voice): Sally Dworsky

Adult Nala (singing Voice): Laura Williams

Young Nala (singing Voice): Zoe Leader

Sarafina: Frank Welker

Nala's Mother (voice): Judi M. Durand

Lion Roars (voice): Daamen J. Krall

Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited): David McCharen

Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited): Mary Linda Phillips

Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited): Phil Proctor

Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited): David J. Randolph

Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited): Evan Saucedo

Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited): Brian Tochi

Young Simba - In 'Morning Report' (singing Voice) (uncredited): Cathy Cavadini

Fighting Hyena (voice) (uncredited): Michel Prud'Homme

Director: Roger Allers

Director: Rob Minkoff

Screenplay: Linda Woolverton

Screenplay: Jonathan Roberts

Screenplay: Irene Mecchi

Original Music Composer: Hans Zimmer

Editor: Ivan Bilancio

Supervising Animator: Mike Surrey

Animation Supervisor: Andreas Deja

Animation Supervisor: Anthony DeRosa

Animation: Tim Allen

Layout: Jennifer Yuan

Animation Supervisor: James Baxter

Production Manager: Craig Sost

Animation: Larry White

Layout: Rick Moore

Production Office Assistant: Carl Canga

Story: Rick Maki

Production Design: Chris Sanders

Art Direction: Andrew Gaskill

Casting: Brian Chavanne

Supervising Music Editor: Adam Milo Smalley

Animation: David Pruiksma

Supervising Animator: Alex Kupershmidt

Supervising Animator: Ellen Woodbury

Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Mel Metcalfe

Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Terry Porter

Sound Re-Recording Mixer: David J. Hudson

Supervising Sound Editor: Richard L. Anderson

Supervising Sound Editor: Mark A. Mangini

Sound Effects Editor: James Christopher

Supervising Film Editor: Tom Finan

Supervising Film Editor: John Carnochan

Songs: Elton John

Songs: Tim Rice

Thanks: Robert Carr-Hartley

Thanks: Pam Wallberg

In Memory Of: Frank Wells

Story: Burny Mattinson

Story: Barry Johnson

Story: Lorna Cook

Story: Thom Enriquez

Story: Andrew Gaskill

Story: Gary Trousdale

Story: Jim Capobianco

Story: Kevin Harkey

Story: Jorgen Klubien

Story: Chris Sanders

Story: Tom Sito

Story: Larry Leker

Story: Joe Ranft

Story: Ed Gombert

Story: Francis Glebas

Story: Mark Kausler

Script Supervisor: Brenda Chapman

Associate Producer: Alice Dewey

Producer: Don Hahn

Executive Producer: Sarah McArthur

Executive Producer: Thomas Schumacher

Camera Operator: John Aardal

Camera Operator: Andrew Simmons

Camera Operator: Gary W. Smith

Background Designer: Kathy Altieri

Background Designer: Sunny Apinchapong

Background Designer: Barry Atkinson

Background Designer: Brooks Campbell

Background Designer: Dan Cooper

Background Designer: Dominick R. Domingo

Background Designer: Debbie DuBois

Background Designer: Natalie Franscioni-Karp

Background Designer: Michael Humphries

Background Designer: David McCamley

Background Designer: Serge Michaels

Background Designer: Don Moore

Background Designer: Patricia Palmer-Phillipson

Background Designer: Philip Phillipson

Background Designer: Kevin Turcotte

Background Designer: Tom Woodington

Sculptor: Kent Melton

Animation: Gilda Palinginis

Animation: Robert Bryan

Animation: Dale Baer

Animation: Michael Cedeno

Animation: Lorna Cook

Animation: Joe Ekers

Animation: Randy Haycock

Animation: Rejean Bourdages

Animation: Ken Boyer

Animation: Lou Dellarosa

Animation: Greg Manwaring

Animation: Brad Kuha

Animation: Chris Wahl

Animation: Phillip Young

Animation: Ron Husband

Animation: Doug Frankel

Animation: Mark Koetsier

Animation: Jean Morel

Animation: Alex Williams

Animation: Brian Ferguson

Animation: James Lopez

Animation: Michael Show

Animation: Tom Bancroft

Animation: T. Daniel Hofstedt

Animation: Broose Johnson

Animation: Danny Wawrzaszek

Animation: Christine Lawrence Finney

Animation: Randy Cartwright

Animation: Barry Temple

Animation: Michael Swofford

Assistant Production Manager: Karenna Mazur Alderton

Assistant Production Manager: Michael Meagher

Assistant Production Manager: Loni Beckner-Black

Assistant Production Manager: Cathy Lawrence

Assistant Production Manager: Lisa M. Poole

Assistant Production Manager: Kirk Bodyfelt

Assistant Production Manager: Patricia Hicks

Assistant Production Manager: Paul Steele

Assistant Production Manager: Holly E. Bratton

Background Designer: Barry Kooser

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Background Designer: Greg Drolette

Background Designer: Ric Sluiter

Character Designer: Mike Hodgson

Color Timer: Dale E. Grahn

Compositors: Shannon Fallis Kane

CG Animator: Linda Bel

CG Animator: Gregory William Griffith

Editorial Staff: Kat Connolly

Editorial Staff: Beth Collins-Stegmaier

First Assistant Editor: Patsy Bouge

Foley Editor: Donlee Jorgensen

Negative Cutter: Rich Mackay

Painter: Britt Van Der Nagel

Painter: Karen Nugent

Painter: Kirk E. Axtell II

Painter: Leyla C. Amaro Nodas

Painter: Ofra Afouta Calderon

Painter: Paulino Garcia

Painter: Phyllis Fields

Painter: Randall McFerren

Production Accountant: Glen Gagnon

Production Coordinator: Matthew Garbera

Production Coordinator: Jeanie Lynd Sorenson

Production Manager: Don Walters

Sound Effects Editor: Mike Chock

Sound Effects Editor: Paul Berolzheimer

Supervising Animator: Anthony DeRosa

Supervising Animator: Ruben A. Aquino

Supervising Animator: David Burgess

Supervising Animator: Tony Fucile

Supervising Animator: Tony Bancroft

Supervising Animator: Russ Edmonds

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Supervising Animator: Mark Henn

Visual Development: Mike Hodgson

Painter: Phyllis Bird

Painter: Russell Blandino

Painter: Joey Calderon

Painter: Sherrie Cuzzort

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Title Designer: Susan Bradley

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Compositors: Dolores Pope

Post-Production Manager: Sarah Duran

Post Production Supervisor: Miguel Angel Poveda

Projection: Don Henry

Special Sound Effects: John Pospisil

Assistant Editor: Deborah Beville

Assistant Editor: Jacqueline Kinney

Negative Cutter: Mary Beth Smith

ADR Voice Casting: Barbara Harris

Production Accountant: L.J. Van Cleave

Production Manager: Dana Axelrod

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Dialogue Editor: R.J. Kizer

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